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MUSC Carpooling Documentation

On this site you can easily discern which MUSC faculty/employees/students live nearby and are willing to carpool. It is not necessary for you to enter your schedule or address in order to see who lives where, but if you do other people will be able to see where you live and can contact you. This is purely a networking tool, designed to help people who are willing and able to carpool to contact each other. The only requirement is that you have an MNA account.

Getting Started

To log in, click on NetID: Log In on the left side of the page.
After logging in, you will see the main map. Each of the icons represents someone's address. There is no icon yet, because you have not yet entered your address into the system. When you click on any of the markers ( or ) you will see a bubble containing the user's information, including their schedule and comments.

To enter your information into the system, click on the "My Information" link in the list of links on the left side of the page. On this page, you can either click on the map to specify where you live or type your address into the box under the map. The address area looks like this:

After typing your address in, click the "Locate Address" button. If your address is found, a red marker will be placed on the map corresponding to the address you typed in. If the marker is displayed in the wrong place or if your address is not found you will have to click on the map to specify where you live. You can drag the map freely and zoom in to find your street. When you click on the map, a marker will be placed on the map in the location that you clicked. The address will be automatically saved.

Specify Your Schedule

On the bottom of the "My Information" page, there is an area for you to specify your schedule. Check the boxes next to the days that you go to work, and then specify what time you generally leave your house and what time you generally leave work. The times are certainly not considered binding, but rather a general representation of your schedule. You can also make notes in the "Comments" section. When you are finished, click the "Save Schedule" button.

Opting Out

If you would like to remove yourself from the system, including deleting your schedule and address, go to the "My Information" page and look at the section entitled "Opt Out". It looks like this:

Click the "Delete My Information" button and you will be removed entirely. You can always come back and reenter your information if you would like.

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